Commitment to Quality

Surgery Center at Saint Francis is owned and operated by a joint venture between Saint Francis Hospital - Memphis and physicians. Surgery Center at Saint Francis and Saint Francis Hospital - Memphis are committed to providing each and every patient with quality care. It is our mission to deliver safe, cost-effective care to the community and patients we serve.

Surgery Center at Saint Francis provides and facilitates care to those surgical patients who, because of their general physical condition and the nature of the operative procedure to be performed, do not require hospitalization. Qualified members of the medical staff and administration are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient management of surgical procedures performed at Surgery Center at Saint Francis.

We strive to provide a comprehensive ambulatory care program for the community that is safe, satisfying, and cost-effective as an alternative to hospitalization whenever possible, permitting the patients to recover from minor surgical procedures in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home. To support this goal, we have established the following objectives for our facility:

  • To provide physical and emotional support to patients and their families.
  • To provide skilled, professional and individualized nursing care and patient teaching.
  • To develop a nursing staff that optimizes the opportunities offered in the ambulatory setting for the provision of efficient, economical, and effective patient centered nursing care.
  • To develop and maintain a specialized nursing unit and staff through continuing education programs.
  • To collaborate in decision making with other relevant personnel.
  • To provide a safe environment for patients, visitors, and the Surgery Center personnel.
  • To decrease patient apprehension and anxiety by interactively educating the patient and their families or "significant other" who plays a significant role in the individual's life.
  • To provide opportunities and resources for personnel, to maintain and enhance their competency and overall professional growth.
  • To promote teamwork among Surgery Center personnel and the physicians in order to provide quality care to patients and their families.
  • To grow with the communities being served, and to develop the Surgery Center's services with the most recent medical and technological advances.
  • To assess patient satisfaction with the ambulatory Care Program through the active support of the Governing Body.
  • To maintain that all information regarding patients is kept private and confidential.
Contains important information for patients including patient rights, advance directives, handling grievances and physician ownership.